I am pleased to report that of my two “sorta-crunchy” experiments (see post on hair), the oil cleansing method is thus far a success. I haven’t used soap on my face for about 3 months now. I also came across this idea on Pinterest and did some additional Google “research”. I had been using a fairly expensive cleanser and moisturizer from a direct-sales company and was satisfied, but not overjoyed with it.The oil cleansing method works like this: gently massage a quarter sized amount of the oil mixture into your face, concentrating on the t-zone if you have large pores or blackheads, but don’t neglect the hair or jaw lines. Next, place a washcloth soaked with very hot (not scalding!) water over your face and just hang out for a few minutes (maybe do a few kegels while you’re waiting-never hurts!). This will open your pores, releasing dirt and bacteria. Once the washcloth has cooled down, use it to gently wipe the excess oil away. Oil dissolves oil, so in theory you will be wiping away all of the released gunk from your pores, as well as any makeup.I am using 1:1:1 olive, grape seed and jojoba oils, but other combinations will work too-1:1 olive and castor is commonly recommended. I hardly have to use moisturizer at all (just sunscreen), and my skin feels soft and supple. The best thing is that my ‘cleanser’ hardly costs anything and lasts forever. I also enjoy the mini-spa feeling of steaming my face every night. More often than not I can hardly wait to lock myself in the bathroom and hide my face under a hot steamy washcloth after a long day.

Stop! Don’t put that on your face!


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